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State] method the GmbH is to be able to communicate proudly to you that we co-operate with the following enterprises.


scoreberlin GmbH

The scoreberlin GmbH (lead by the owner ) is positioning itself as specialized provider for usability consulting and optimization between business consulting and web-agency.


[slevogt] Consulting

We are a consulting company that is specialized on marketing and sales assistance for enterprises. - the visualisation is build with vgdotnet speeds the development of all graphical applications, providing:
A graphical editor integrated in Visual Studio .NET. Design graphics in the Picture Designer the same way you design UserControls: without writing code.
Graphical objects: rectangles, rounded rectangles, ellipses, arcs, pies, polygons, polylines, splines, paths, images, text, and Groups.
Automatic screen updates simplify runtime animation. Change an object property, and updates the screen, intelligently repairing overlapping objects.
Maximum performance: batches screen updates, repainting a minimum number of pixels. Tweak the performance of any Element by changing anti-aliasing or gamma-correction with a RenderAppearance.
check it out at

  • Great Tool !!
  • fast and extraordinary support
Thanks a lot to Frank Hileman from Prodige Software Corporation - in action

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